Wednesday, 26 December 2007

The S7 Tour

Thiruvananthapuram Central – the board on platform number 3, that my compartment had just left behind had never in my life made me more disappointed. My final year tour, probably the last tour as a student in my whole life had come to an end which I felt was rather abrupt. The tour had played a vital role in my becoming a 2008 pass out biotechnologist from our college. I, being a fresher in my 6th semester had found out that making new friends was a nightmare in my new class. I was often avoided, ignored rather excluded. On my part I did everything to keep myself away from public gatherings, shying away from any and all functions, keeping away from classmates and shutting out my personal life from them. I was still an alien in my class till the 4thth day of our tour. The tour changed my perspective too. Now I say “My class”(2008) and my old class(2007) where I used to say “My new class”(2008) and my class.(2007). I’m glad to say that I’m a part of my class as much as anyone else!!!


I wish all my friends and blog viewers a very happy Christmas!!

मेर्री च्रिस्त्मस!!

Tuesday, 18 December 2007


My dearest brother just back from the study tour to the swiss got me a Swatch!! Lol just imagine..... my whole dress is not as costly as the watch I'm wearing right now!!!

I have been expelled...!!!

Call it fate's play or my incompetence in the corporate world. I have been expelled from the college hostel and the RULES AND REGULATIONS of our college does not allow me to re enter the college hostel until and unless the principal sanctions my re-entry. And she has conveniently gone for some bloody technological summit. Who knows when she will be back. Some 'official' sources say that she will be back in two days. I can't go home, I can't stay in the hostel, I can't do anything. I'm screwed!! What to do? Heh! this is life I understand......

Thank you Ma'm
Thanks a lot

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